About the Danish Sports Facility Database

Which sports facilities are included in the database and how is it updated? Read more about the Danish Sports Facility Database.

The database is a co-operation between the Danish Institute for Sports Studies and the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities. The Danish Institute for Sports Studies is responsible for the gathering of data and the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the database.  

The sports facility database is nationwide and includes at present more than 11.000 private, public and self-governing facilities within 19 facility categories. Added to this is the registration of some subcategories as well as the number of courts, pools, golf holes etc.

The sports facility database will be continually updated and later also extended to include more types of facilities than the current ones.

Which facilities are included? 
Often, the lines between sports facilities and other types of venues and facilities are vague and therefore fall in a grey area. 

Two overall principles have guided the selection across the included categories:

  • The facility must be dedicated to sports activities as its primary function

Facilities that are only exceptionally used for sport and have another primary function, e.g. class rooms, lecture halls, common houses, fair venues etc. are not included in the database.

  • The facility must be open to the public

Facilities that are reserved for closed groups are not included in the database. This includes e.g. facilities reserved for rehabilitation and facilities dedicated to students, employees or local residents. As a rule of thumb, regular citizens should have access to the facility, possibly against payment or through membership of a sports club.

Which particular delimitations are there? 
Practical and methodical reasons have made it necessary in some cases to limit which facilities are included in each category. More specific definitions are found in the table below, but particularly two delimitations are important to be aware of:

  • So far, the database only includes football fields for 11-a-side – as well as seven-a-side fields located next to each other that can easily be transformed into 11-a-side fields. Solitary seven- and eight-a-side fields as well as smaller fields are not included in the registration. 

  • Moreover, sports facilities under 300 m² are only included when they are located in connection with larger sports arenas/centres or schools/educational institutions. In practice, this means that a number of smaller solitary facilities for specific purposes, e.g. martial arts gyms, are not included in the database.  

In some municipalities, e.g. Copenhagen, smaller football fields and sports facilities make up a significant part of the general number of facilities, and the presentations in the database of the facilities in the municipalities should be viewed with these reservations. 

Furthermore, it is important to stress that the distribution of facilities among the Danish municipalities cannot determine if the number of facilities in the individual municipality is meeting the local demands. This would in many cases depend on more factors.

Categories and special criteria for the sports facility database

Main category Special criteria

Athletics facilities

  • Athletics facilities with 400 meter synthetic running tracks
  • Indoor athletics facilities
  • Other/partial athletics facilities

Includes athletics facilities with:

  • Athletics facility with 400 m running track and facilities for both jumping and throwing
  • Indoor athletics facility
  • Athletics facility with other running tracks and/or multiple jumping and throwing facilities.

Athletics facilities with other running tracks and/or combined facilities for throw and jump. Solitary running tracks/jump sand boxes/ throwing cages are not included. 

Badminton facilities

  • Badminton courts
Includes facilities that are exclusively used for badminton. The number of courts only includes these facilities and not badminton courts in regular gymnasiums.
Fitness centres  Includes facilities dedicated to fitness with open access or access through memberships. Smaller solitary weight rooms are not included in the category, but may be registered as a gymnasium under 300 m², if they are located as part of larger sports facilities.   

Football pitches

  • Turf fields
  • Artificial turf fields
  • Dirt fields

Includes facilities with 11-a-side football fields on turf, artificial turf or dirt.

Fields for seven-a-side football are registered as one 11-a-side field if they are located next to each other and can easily be transformed into 11-a-side fields. Solitary seven- or eight-a-side fields and other smaller fields are not included. 

Golf facilities

  • Golf holes
Includes golf facilities with information on the number of main holes. Smaller training courses are not included when counting number of holes, but may be listed under the specific facility. 

Large sports halls/gyms
(>800 m²)

  • Handball courts
Includes handball gyms and other large sports halls or gyms, typically multifunctional. Handball courts are counted, but not markings for other activities. 
Sports halls/gyms
(300-799 m²)
Includes typically larger multifunctional sports halls or gyms. Also includes facilities dedicated to specific sports. 
Small gymnasiums 
(<300 m²)
Includes only small gymnasiums and other smaller sports facilities open to the public that are located in connection with schools/educational institutions as well as venues located in connection to gyms over 300 m².    
Cable systems All permanent cable systems for water skiing and wakeboarding on water. 
Mountain bike trails

All approved mountain bike trails dedicated for mountain biking. Approved trails can be found in public forests as well as private forests where the trail is officially allowed. 

Orienteering courses 

Includes orienteering courses with permanent posts. Number of posts is included. 

Rowing/kayaking facilities All permanent tracks for competition rowing/kayaking are included. 
Parkour facilites Facilities that are permanent and not transportable, built especially for parkour.
Shooting ranges Registration per facility. Length, number and types of ranges may be listed under the specific facility. 
Skate facilities A usable and maintained facility constructed for performing skateboarding tricks, which is either a complex facility, a vert or contains a minimum of five different elements or obstacles.
Ice rink/skating arenas

Includes facilities with a permanent ice rinks/tracks. These include ice hockey rinks and curling tracks as well as permanent outdoor rinks.

Swimming facilities

  • Swimming pools, 50 m
  • Swimming pools, 25 m
  • Other swimming pools
  • warm water pools

Number of lanes in swimming pools (25 m and 50 m) are not counted in all facilities, but may be listed under the specific facilities. 
Other swimming pools include smaller pools, sea baths etc. Small paddling pools and therapy pools are not included.

Tennis venues, outdoors

  • Dirt courts
  • Hard courts
  • Artificial turf courts
The number of courts in the outdoor tennis venues is counted based on the types of surface. 

Tennis venues, indoors

  • Dirt courts
  • Hard courts
  • Artificial turf courts
Includes indoor venues that are solely used for tennis. The number of courts is counted based on the types of surface. Does not include tennis courts that are drawn up in regular gymnasiums.  

If you have further questions regarding the criteria and method of the database, feel free to contact the Danish Institute for Sports Studies. 

The collection of data and the development of the database was carried out with support from TrygFonden 

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